Natural and/or organic pet foods we stock or bring in regularly on request: Bravo Raw Diet, Nature\’s Variety Raw, Primal Organic Raw, Timberwolf Organics, Pinnacle, Blue Buffalo Organic, Wellness, Wysong, Innova, Innova Evo, California Natural, Royal Canin, Canidae, Felidae, Solid Gold, Evanger\’s Organic, Nature\’s Variety Instinct & Prairie, Timberwolf Serengeti, Fromm\’s 4 Star. We cater to sensitive dogs and cats with treats and foods in a variety of dietary profiles for dogs and cats with special dietary needs…single novel protein jerkies, chews and treats (Duck, Venison, Ostrich, Salmon, Lamb as well as Chicken, Turkey, Beef) as well as vegetarian, low carb, meat-based, wheat- and corn-free biscuits. And then for the dogs and cats who can eat anything, we\’ve got cookies of all kinds (oreos, lobsters, squirrels, holiday novelties) in our bakery section!

You\’ll find the most innovative, well-constructed or just plain fun toys and gear
from companies like RC Pet, Ruffwear, Upcountry, Lupine, Bison, Silverfoot, Ella Dish and more. Come see our wall of collars! Then dive into our bins of dog coats and sweaters in wool and fleece, booties for city walking and mountain hiking. Then try out our lofty, sturdy beds that look great and keep their shape after many washings…go ahead, pull them down and try them out!


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