LA and San Fran

June 8, 2010 at 10:31 pm Leave a comment

I’ve been radio silent on this trip to LA & San Francisco b/c there is so much to do.  And I try to keep the posts content-driven.  But sometimes you just want to chat, right?  I know.  Well, here you go.

Arrived last week on a retail vision quest.  How do retailers solve problems of display and merchandising?  Only way to find out is to go and see.  I’m sure there are creative retailers in every metropolitan center but California is warm.  At least, in June, warmer than Maine, even if the sun isn’t shining (and it hasn’t been while I’ve been here, at least not on the coast).  I walked for hours in SF; all day, for the two days I was there.  Fascinating.  LA of course is more spread out, but the boutiques I checked out were in interesting neighborhoods.  Not surprisingly, various ‘hoods have their own culture and sometimes their own graphic vocabulary.  Tight cross-pollenation.  Like in Portland, or in Boston; but LA or SF-style.

So what can I tell you?  The world is getting more dog-friendly, first of all.  If we can do something about airline travel with animals, we’re all set; we can stay anywhere.  The West Coast is not as warm in June as you think.  And what I went looking for, solutions, like how best to display harnesses, are answered systemically.  Or at least, that’s how I see it.  What does that mean?  Whatever you are trying to solve, whether, like me, how to make a small retail space sell what it needs to sell at reasonable prices in order to create a successful business that impacts its community positively on multiple levels; or really any kind of problem, steep yourself in inspiration (hopefully away from your day-day life) in whatever form it takes, and let the solution find its expression from the roots up.  What we put out there in the world is our expression of how we see, and what we experience.


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