Musher’s Wax

December 19, 2009 at 12:23 pm Leave a comment

I’m staying with friends in Falmouth this month, then moving into the Boston apartment in January.  My pug Zip and my friends’ German Short Haired Pointer Miles are as you can imagine pretty far apart in winter activity enthusiasm….pugs are not designed for work/herding/fetching/guarding or really anything other than play, snacks and naps….and GSH are all about running & chasing.  While Zip is really ok with potty breaks in the backyard, Miles gets twitchy if he can’t run in any weather.

The tool that I wouldn’t want to be without (well, two tools if you count the Shazam sweater that I put on Zip this morning) is Musher’s Wax.  It’s bizarre how much of a difference it makes.  While nothing will change Zip’s genetic predisposition toward blankets and pillows on a cold day, with a little bit on his pads, Zip will stay out longer in this 7 degree weather, and rarely lifts his paws.  That’s all it takes to give both of these creatures from opposite ends of the AKC spectrum a good walk at the same time.  Thank you Canada!  Yes, we have plenty in the store.  Even if you have rugged dogs, I recommend being proactive with their pads and smearing on the wax anyway.  Helps to prevent cracking, and provides a barrier to the salt.


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