Sam Price and his Amazing Dog Collages

October 26, 2009 at 2:39 pm Leave a comment

I received an email from an artist in SF the other day.  I get lots of emails from people who’ve designed pet products or want to launch a treat company, and also, but much less often, from artists who do pet portraits.  I wish I received more of them.  Especially if they could all be like this one.  Sometimes art work hits me with a mild jolt, kind of like stepping on a rake.  A whack but it feels right, because I was clearly not paying attention.  But this one was more like sun on the face.  Take a look at this work by Sam Price and then look at some of the pieces close up (don’t miss the sepia and b/w) to get the detail.   Read his bio if you get a chance.  Self-taught.  I almost can’t hold a gaze at the one of Buster.  Only because it’s plain how much reverence there is, for the dog and maybe too for the relationship between people and animals.

The other reason I liked hearing from him is that he said he got my email from some Best of San Francisco list, which cracks me up, and mystifies me.  My email address isn’t on our website, and we’re on the other coast.  It’s got to be another Fetch in SF that got confused with us, but ‘whatev’ as the guy I’m taking yoga from likes to say; Sam, it’s nice hearing from you.


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