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Right now everyone at Fetch is feeding our Food of the Month,  Honest Kitchen.  Zip has been on it for a while (Preference, with either Nature’s Variety raw medallions or our own meat mixed in) and it’s his maintenance plan.  It’s the perfect choice while we’re staying with family in Dover, as I don’t have to pull  out the Cuisinart to grind vegetables.  Blog disclosure!  Honest Kitchen provided us with 4 free 4# boxes to try out, so that the staff would know first hand the benefits.  But as the store owner, I passed on the free box, so you can be sure that this endorsement is not influenced by free swag 🙂.

Some things I love about Honest Kitchen:  the meat in the meat formulas are USDA and hormone- and antibiotic-free, and HK is committed to transitioning to 100% certified humanely-raised meats.  The fruits and vegetables are certified non-GMO, and the grains are certified organic and fair trade.  Dogs love, really love the taste.  Dehydration kills pathogenics in the meat, yet preserves almost all of the enzymes and nutrients.

And, think about this.  Dehydrated food consumes less oil.  Every 4# box of Honest Kitchen reconstitutes to 16# of food, and the water, supplied by you in preparing your pet’s meal, is not shipped all the way across the country.

Then there is the ease of feeding a raw diet, either 100% Honest Kitchen (using one of the meat-based formulas) or the Zip plan (what I do for my dog Zip), vegetable and fruit Preference formulas as a base with a defrosted raw diet (we use Bravo or Nature’s Variety right now) or ground meat mixed in.  Makes raw approachable for people who otherwise wouldn’t try it.


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