Max and Clarabelle

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This move to Boston means much back and forth, and uncertainty where home will be.  I’ve had to let go of my Portland apartment and until I get financing for the new business, I’m floating.  Short-term, I’ll be with family in Dover, who’ve offered to put me up but can’t have cats (asthma and cat allergies).  I’m looking for great places for Max & Clarabelle to stay.  They are both very independent, but very affectionate, and I think they will adjust easily into the right home, but I think the right home for each means separate homes.  Short or long term, depending on what’s best for them.  You’ll see what I mean if you read about each of them.  They don’t spend time together; he’s always inside and she’s always outside.  Their temperaments are so sweet…but they fight with eachother…sometimes with tufts of fur flying.  Max is a shy boy who likes to hide in closets when visitors come over, until he knows them.  Conversely though, he seems to love going to the vet…I think what he loves is one-on-one attention.  Long & lean, with silver and black tiger stripes, white socks, a white chin and chest, and a Marilyn Monroe freckle, he moves like a fish and articulates his very long tail like people use eyebrows.  Most often it’s up, in a question mark shape.  He loves attention and often drools when you pet him.  He is very playful, and very dexterous….a great catcher of catnip pillows.  He likes to drink from the tub, and I usually find his toys in the bathroom in the morning.  He doesn’t like dogs, and would love to be the King of the House. He needs to be someone’s ‘one and only’.  He has a sensitive stomach, and needs to eat a clean healthy diet of good canned food topped with enzymes and probiotics.   All of his food, litter and veterinary needs will be provided by me through Fetch.

Maximumly Affectionate

Maximumly Affectionate

Clarabelle of the Jungle

Clarabelle of the Jungle

Clarabelle is his sister.  They are from a feral litter, and she has the wild genes of the two of them.  While Max is very shy, Clarabelle is very outgoing.  While Max is happy to nap & play inside, Clarabelle lives to troll the neighborhood and is a huntress.  She would make a very good mouser.  She can’t be kept inside, or at least, I have not been able to do that.  She is too quick, and can dart through a cracked door before you’ll even know she’s gone.  She’s  a sporty and agile  little gray tiger with white paws and a little white tip on the end of her tail.   She needs to be in a safe neighborhood where she can patrol outside when she’s not napping or playing with (especially) dangling toys that she can catch.  She is very social, and loves dogs, cats, and  people.   She has had urinary tract infections in the past, so it’s clear that she can’t have any dry food at all.  She does very well on healthy canned diet with enzymes and probiotics.  Her food, litter & veterinary needs will continue to be provided by me through Fetch too.

They are adorable, sweet, playful and ageless little creatures.  I can’t believe they are 11.  They seem like they’re about 3.  You can email me if you are interested in hosting.  I don’t know how long, and am open to short or long term, depending on what is best for them.  In either case, long or short, I will continue to provide for all of their needs into the future, I just need the right places for them to stay.


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