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Sorry to be so behind, but I’ve been away on vacation and, thinking it would be easy enough to find internet cafes where I was going, didn’t bring my laptop.  Low bandwidth and funky keyboards added up to painfully slow communications, so here I am back home middle of the month and finally getting to our featured food for June.  I’ll keep it short for now and revisit specific aspects of the food in the next week or so.  Pinnacle dog food has been one of my favorite recommendations for dogs with food sensitivities since it became available to Maine about 4 years ago.  The original formula (chicken and oat) was designed to be hypoallergenic, and for all but the most sensitive, it still is.  Since then, as more and more dogs developed allergies to gluten and to chicken, Breeder’s Choice introduced the Trout and Potato and the Duck and Potato formulas, and I haven’t met a dog yet who couldn’t tolerate one or the other.  Actually that’s not quite true.  And in those cases I always recommend raw or home-cooked, but suffice to say that if your dog has food allergies then Pinnacle should be in your rotation.  Pinnacle feline has not been as popular as the dog food, though I should add that we recommend wet food over dry for cats, and Pinnacle is only available in 5.5 oz, which is rather limiting especially in multiple cat households.  Wellness really dominates the wet cat food market almost to the point of other lines becoming invisible.  Pinnacle feline dry  is considered very palatable (say our inside sources) and digestability and performance (as measured anecdotally by watching the coat and the litterbox, and the hairball index) is high.  More sooon.  Meantime take 10% off any Pinnacle product throughout June.


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