Solid Gold, our Featured Food for May

May 4, 2009 at 6:10 pm 1 comment

Solid Gold has, along with Wysong, been a pioneering manufacturer in the natural pet food industry. Both Dr. Randy Wysong and Solid Gold Founder Sissy Harrington-McGill were dismissed early on as radicals, but now, 30 yrs later, they’re credited with shaping the industry. Sissy is known in the pet food world for her strong opinions, eccentric manner & gold lame outfits….but there’s no doubt that her line of premium low-allergen dog and cat foods are effective in improving and maintaining optimal health.  Solid Gold’s original formula, Hund-n-Flocken, was the first US dog food I became aware of in 1999 to import lamb from New Zealand (hormone- & antibiotic-free), and the first company to eschew corn, wheat and soy. Now that it’s widely recognized that dogs commonly suffer from corn, wheat & soy allergies, it’s considered conventional wisdom (although Wysong uses freshly-milled, hence unoxidized, yellow corn).  Solid Gold Holistique has one of the lowest proteins of any dog food (18%), great for seniors, overweight dogs, and dogs with kidney issues.  Barking at the Moon, on the other end of the protein spectrum (41%) is great for dogs with gluten or grain intolerance (carbohydrate source is potato, and some pumpkin meal).  There’s also Wolf King (bison, designed for large breeds) and Just A Wee Bit (bison for small dogs), Mmillennia (beef and salmon oil, for very active dogs)  and Wolf Cub (bison for large breed pups) and Hundchen Flocken (lamb-based puppy food).  Before they came out with Indigo Moon, I thought Solid Gold had lost their kitty kibble juju, but Indigo Moon is terrific…cats love it and it has been very effective in resolving issues stemming from grain intolerance, from vomiting to hair loss to diarrhea and urinary tract crystals (I recommend exclusively wet food for UTI-prone kitties, but there are some cats out there who won’t eat wet).   And don’t forget the canned Blended Tuna!  OMG. Canned crack for cats!  Take 10% off any Solid Gold product (dog food, cat food, or supplements) throughout May…just mention the Secret Sale.


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  • 1. Elizabeth  |  May 6, 2009 at 7:21 am

    We picked up a bag of the Solid Gold, Barking at the Moon dog food the other day & have been introducing it to our pups. THEY LOVE IT! Woof! Woof!

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