Yes we have no amylase

March 9, 2009 at 5:36 pm Leave a comment

Cats have no amylase in their saliva.  I just found that out.  We all know (don’t we?) that cats were the guardians of the granaries, and had no appetite for grains.  Though they did/do like mice, who like grain.  A beautiful solution.  So it makes sense that they have no amylase, which is the enzyme that breaks down starches into sugar, in their saliva.  Digestion actually begins in the mouth, which is why your mother always told you to chew everything 40 times.  She was actually right about that one.  And if you thought that was tedious be thankful your mom wasn’t macrobiotic, or you’d have been chewing a lot longer.

But really, I think it’s kind of compelling, don’t you?  Grain-free cat foods are a pretty recent innovation, a late response to the health problems (digestion, irritable bowel, food allergy, kidney disease, struvite crystals, cancer) cats have experienced with increasing frequency in my ten years in the pet food industry.  Yet there is none of the enzyme that breaks down grain actually present in the cat’s saliva.  Whooooaaa.  Comments always welcome.


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