Revisiting Wysong, ‘The Thinking Person’s Pet Food’

February 3, 2009 at 4:08 pm Leave a comment

They’ve been at it for 30  years, and you could actually say they are cutting edge.  You wouldn’t think so by the looks of their packaging (though it’s improved over the old brown cardboard boxes), but Wysong consistently pushes the envelope with pretty strong statements about what causes disease, and what supports wellness in animals.  Not only that.  Wysong’s goal isn’t just to support healthy animals.  The company is committed to a comprehensive environmentalism, not just casually, but passionately…their vision of holistic animal health and holistic care of the planet are woven into eachother, and I don’t think you can separate the two.

Check out Wysong’s revamped web site & sign on to their ‘100 Truths’ about animal health.  I did, and it’s easily digestible, so to speak.  You can get a specific recommendation for your animals from their techs, and it’s not computer-generated either.  Then you’ll get a brief email a week that reveals Dr. Wysong’s philosophy of wellness.  I recommend it, really just food for thought.  Wysong is our ‘featured food’ throughout February, fyi, so give it a try this month for 10% off if you mention the secret sale at checkout.


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