Rotation, Rotation, Rotation

January 9, 2009 at 4:35 pm Leave a comment

All packaged pet foods meet AAFCO’s nutritional requirements, but that doesn’t mean that your dog or cat will absorb all of these nutrients. Hmmm, that’s a whole new angle isn’t it? The food can be (is, in fact) analyzed to determine whether it meets these requirements, but once the food hits the gut (or even the gullet…wait, even the gums…chewing and saliva actually initiate digestion), well, all kinds of variables come into play. And that can’t be quantified. One animal may digest her chicken & rice kibble well, and the next may not, and as a result pass entire nutrients rather than absorbing them.

There are a couple of ways to improve digestibility. Rotation is the least expensive, and arguably, the most fun for your pet. Keep your pet moving through different brands & different proteins at least 4 times/year. Think of changing foods with the seasons. Which actually makes perfect sense, as winter may be a great time to switch to a lower calorie food to avoid weight gain, for instance.

Another way to improve digestibility is by adding enzymes and probiotics to the food…more on this idea soon…


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