Qualitative Budgeting

October 10, 2008 at 11:34 am Leave a comment

Every year I make the trip to Chicago for the pet industry’s Christmas buying show, and I’m just back with a stack of orders to enter into the computer.  The reigning mood of the show was cautiously optimistic.  Most vendors I talked to were not writing orders and were pleasantly surprised when I was ready to place mine.  This is not the way it usually goes, and I take it as a natural expression of the unnatural dive of the economy.  As a member of the middle class (um, not the same middle class that Sarah Palin belongs to apparently) I’m planning on looking at my discretionary spending pretty closely…I will still be spending my money locally, and I will still be dining out, but I will be making sure that the things I buy and do are really worth it to me.  I don’t know if anyone else calls it this, but I call it qualitative budgeting.  As a business owner I’m actually feeling kind of energized to see what I can do to keep Fetch thriving.  Normally this time of year, I want to take a vacation, but my focus this year is on keeping the business healthy, and in looking into growing it next year.

In terms of Fetch’s buying, you will see a lot of new products before Thanksgiving, some of which are sure to sell out.  Look for new McCain and Obama dog toys this weekend (UPS hasn’t come yet, but I’m hoping that order is on the truck)…there will only be a limited quantity.  Fetch is always pretty fat with inventory and that won’t change, but our purchasing this year will be more precise, based on exact reports of what sold during which months, and which sizes/colors.  Rather than anticipating a bump over last year, I’m holding back to see what happens, so quantities on apparel for instance will be limited.  Coats and sweaters may sell out, with some styles/sizes not available after Christmas.  With the addition of our second freezer this summer, I think we’re all set on our current food selection (and you can always special order what you want if we don’t have it).


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