Your new word for the day, ‘urticaria’

September 22, 2008 at 12:29 pm Leave a comment

Zip’s bout of pancreatitis was easy enough to control.  The usual recommendation is to withhold food for 24 hours to let the pancreas rest (something I read after feeding him…vet didn’t mention it…), and then stick with the standard bland diet of something like boiled chicken and white rice for a few days.  We did that, and Zip immediately responded.  The vet we had seen this time really hammered me on one point in particular:  low protein from now on.  Zip has had pancreatitis before, but I was away when it happened and didn’t witness the symptoms myself, which is probably why I didn’t identify this recurrence.  Last time he’d had it, the recommendation was to keep the diet low in fat, which is no problem (with the exception of peanut butter!).  All the searches I’ve done on pancreatitis repeat the low-fat idea, but I had never seen mention of lowering the protein, so I was surprised.  But our vet was adament about this, and recommended cutting his fresh meat diet with at least 50% grain.  The problem is, Zip has shown signs of a mild grain allergy in the past, that brief period when we were travelling and he was on kibble.  The gravity of the pancreatitis problem won out though, and I immediately started feeding half meat, half steamed white rice (organic jasmine rice).

A few days ago, little bumps started appearing on his back, evidenced by tiny ripples in his coat.  Peering into his fur, I can now see the little hives, mostly unbroken skin, and no noticeable swelling or dramatically increased itching. It just looks sad, and it’s hard to let go of the feeling that I’ve let him down.  The bumps could be flea dermatitis, but I don’t think so.  I don’t Frontline him, so he’s had a few fleas this summer, and they never manifested as hives (also called papules and I think the condition is officially called ‘urticaria‘).  The one change in his routine has been the volume of rice he’s been eating.  So for the time being, I’m increasing the meat just a little, and increasing the pureed vegetables by a lot to fill the bowl.  Also, I’ll be more consistent with the fish oil and antioxidants.  Poor guy!  He has a great life, the best care I can give him, but then there’s that darned DNA…

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