September 16, 2008 at 1:07 pm

Symptoms are typically vomiting, greasy yellow stool (gross!  I know!  welcome to the glamour of pet supplies), painful or distended abdomen, lack of appetite, hunched posture.  Zip didn’t show any of these signs, other than the slight hunching.  He has a high tolerance for pain (he got that from me) and typically doesn’t show response to palpation.  In 2003, he ruptured a calcified disc, but would not show any obvious signs of pain that day at the vet’s office.  I knew something was wrong, had even suggested it was a disc issue, but the vet couldn’t get any signals from him.  We were sent home to keep an eye on his knee, which doesn’t track properly, and a few hours later, had to find out what was happening in his spine the hard way when the rupture occurred.

What caused his bout of pancreatitis?  Probably a diet too high in protein.  I’d been restricting the fat and the carbs, thinking he has a mild grain allergy…that leaves protein to make up the bulk of his diet.  So now we’re mixing his Bravo (slightly cooked) with jasmine rice (easy to digest) for a week or so, and I’ll gradually try him out on raw, and balance his meals with supplements.

I’m continuing to read more on this, and I’ll revisit the topic come the holiday season, when most bouts of pancreatitis occur.


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